Disable Magento compiler

Disable Magento compiler

Disable Magento compiler (Magento 1.x)

You can disable the compiler from ssh using terminal in ubuntu or in windows using putty. login to server with ssh and go to magentoroot\shell and use below mentioned commands.

	php -f compiler.php clear
	php -f compiler.php disable

You can also run the command from php files if you not have ssh create a php file called cmpdisable.php and write below mentioned code and upload it in magentoroot folder and heat url www.yoursite.com/cmpdisable.php

	echo exec('./shell/php -f compiler.php clear');
	echo exec('./shell/php -f compiler.php disable');

Note : this is only work if your server allowed exec php method.

if this will not help then use below mentioned process open file magentoroot/includes/config.php file to disable compilation in Magento, edit includes/config.php and comment this code.


Hope this will help you to disable the compilation. Enjoy